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Field Hockey, Andrew Charter, Elite Athlete, Performance, Keynote Speaker
I Help Organizations Change Thinking on Culture and Mental Health


Andrew Charter tells of his journey from a kid with Motor Development Issues labelled a 'Retard' by children around him to World Champion with a level of unparalleled emotion.

Andrew speaks from the heart on the lessons he has learned from his life journey. From being an 'outsider and a retard' to a world champion and Engineer.

He shares emotional insights into the importance of environments on the development of people physically,  socially and professionally and a new take on how to manage stress in high performing scenarios.   

Andrew Charter, Field Hockey, Elite Athlete, Speaker, Performance
Andrew Charter, Elite Athlete, Field Hockey, Olympics

Performance Speaking

Andrew presents on a range of topics including;

  • Importance of Creation of Developmental Environments

  • Stress Management

  • Team Culture

Field Hockey, Kookaburras, Elite Sport, Olympics
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Brian Elloy

Head of Decision Automation


Andrew was invited in to our Movember Campaign at BHP in Perth. His depiction of his journey, his struggles and his triumph over mental health challenges and bullying was both insightful and inspiring.. It resonated with everyone in the room, on a personal basis. I'd welcome Andrew back any time...

Isabelle Goldfarb,
Innovation Product Manager
RAC BetterLabs

Andrew's talks are a great mix of emotion, inspiration, practical lessons and objective insights. We all got out of there with the will and the tools to make a change.

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