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The Redefining of the Kookaburras

In this talk Andrew shares his learnings from his career with the Kookaburras. Coming into a World #1 ranked team surrounded by success in 2011 to be part of the 2016 Olympic Team which underperformed finish 6th. 

In this talk he reflects on what he believes were the major drivers to the under performance and the changes the Kookaburras made to emerge from the ashes to finish 2nd at the Tokyo Olympics even through the adversity and uncertainty that the Covid pandemic created. 


Trouble the Comfortable, Comfort the Troubled

In this talk Andrew shares the core beliefs he has in building a successful,inspired and invested team around you. 

It revolves around a simple mantra "Trouble the Comfortable and Comfort the Troubled".

He believes the core to creating a high performing team extend beyond simply the environments we create but to creating a deep and meaningful connection to those around you.

If you care for the individual they will travel to the ends of the world and back for you. 


Prevent the Fall

No money, Elite Sport and studying/working as an Engineer. This is the stress Andrew dealt with every day along his journey. 

He believes the current model of stress management is flawed and reactive. We need to learn how to limit our own and others exposure to it so we never fall victim to its debilitating effects.

In this talk he shares the lessons he has learnt and the secrets he stands by to manage and limit his exposure to stress.

So he can perform for longer and at higher levels than those around him. 


From Unco Kid to


In this talk Andrew bares all about his journey from a bullied child with motor development issues to an elite athlete and professional Engineer/Consultant to his battle with depression along the way. 

He talks about the importance of the environments that he found himself and the benefits and costs they had on his life. And reflects upon how he implements these in the teams he leads today.  

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